Portland Museum of Art

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Thirty-nine state legislators and one Portland city councilor have signed a letter asking the Portland Museum of Art not to impede a staff effort to unionize.

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The union that would represent workers at the Portland Museum of Art is accusing PMA management of employing union-busting tactics to prevent about 70 employees from organizing.


The Portland Museum of Art is featuring a major retrospective exhibit of N.C. Wyeth’s life and art. As the patriarch of a three-generation dynasty of renowned artists, N.C. Wyeth is considered one of America’s foremost painters and illustrators. His work often showcases Maine landscapes and is inexorably tied to the aura of our region. We discuss how Maine shaped Wyeth’s sensibility, and learn some of the lesser-known aspects of his life—and we’ll talk about his impact and legacy as an artist. His grandson, Jamie Wyeth—a renowned artist himself—will join the discussion.

PORTLAND, Maine - A civil trial has begun over a Maine art museum's claims that a deceased benefactor's caretaker manipulated her into removing the museum from her will.

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The Portland Museum of Art is upending its admissions policy - it's going to make it free to everyone 21 years of age and under. The museum says it's part of a campaign to make the museum more welcoming and inclusive. Maine Public Radio’s Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz talked with two people integral to making that happen: Susie Konkel, who donated the money to cover the funds needed to make the change, and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jones, who is with the museum.

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The Portland Museum of Art reopened late last month after closing for three weeks.

PORTLAND, Maine_ The Portland Museum of Art has acquired two major new works: River Cove by Andrew Wyeth and Winslow Homer's An Open Window.

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PORTLAND, Maine - The Portland Museum of Art is now home to a new sculpture - an eight-foot-high number "7", which sits just outside the museum's entrance. The piece, by internationally known pop artist Robert Indiana, is called - appropriately enough - "seven." The sculpture is being officially presented Friday evening during Portland's First Friday art walk.