Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce

Let's Be Kind Campaign

A group of Maine retailers is starting a new campaign asking shoppers to take it easy on retailers and behave responsibly during the pandemic.

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The Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce is urging businesses to support improvements to the region's mass transit systems.

Companies dealing with Maine's well-documented workforce shortage are in Portland Thursday for a forum on how the state's growing immigrant communities can help.

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A union backed wage-and-benefit initiative introduced by Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling is putting him at odds with the business community at the local and state levels — and at odds with the City Manager.

The Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce's new CEO says the organization needs to change its ways if it wants to thrive in the future.

"There was a day, way back when, when businesses would join the chamber because it was their civic responsibility," says Quincy Hentzel. "Those days were gone."

Hentzel stepped in as interim CEO of the business organization in February, and she's now been hired as the chamber's permanent chief executive.  She says if chambers of commerce are going to stay relevant, they need to provide services that business owners need.