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Democratic Gov. Janet Mills will allow a bill to become law next year that extends Maine’s landmark ranked-choice voting system to be used in presidential elections.

Gov. Janet Mills says she is carefully reviewing the bill extending ranked-choice voting to presidential primaries and general elections, and that the bill is more complex than it appears.

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Just minutes before Monday's special legislative session adjourned, the Maine Senate joined the House in enacting a measure that expands ranked-choice voting to presidential contests. 

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Two big changes could shake up Maine's election process in the 2020 presidential race, following key votes by the Democratic-controlled Legislature.

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There has been another major setback for efforts to expand Maine’s ranked-choice voting system. Last week the Maine House fell short of the two-thirds vote needed to send a proposed constitutional amendment out to the voters. Tuesday the State Senate also came up shy of the needed threshold.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The odds are stacked against a proposed constitutional amendment to expand Maine's system that allows voters to rank their candidates from first to last on the ballot.

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The Legislature’s Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee will hold hearings on Wednesday on bills that would use Maine’s ranked-choice voting law in elections for governor and state legislature.

State lawmakers are considering a series of bills to expand the use of ranked-choice voting in Maine elections. The first to have a public hearing is a measure to create presidential primary elections in Maine and apply ranked choice voting to those contests.

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In one of his final acts in office, Republican Gov. Paul LePage has begrudgingly certified the results of the 2nd Congressional District race won by Democrat Jared Golden.

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Republican U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin announced that he’s ending his legal challenge against Maine’s ranked-choice voting law and effectively conceded to election winner Jared Golden.

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A federal appeals court has denied Republican Congressman Bruce Poliquin's request to block the certification of a 2nd District election won by his opponent, Democrat Jared Golden.

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A federal judge has denied Republican U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s legal challenge to Maine’s ranked-choice voting law and his request to invalidate the runoff he lost to Democrat Jared Golden.

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House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi chided Republicans Thursday for protesting the election of Congressman-elect Jared Golden.

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Attorneys for Republican Congressman Bruce Poliquin attempted to persuade a U.S. District Court judge Wednesday that Maine’s landmark ranked-choice voting law violates the U.S. Constitution because its unique runoff system produces a “faux majority” winner of elections and disenfranchises voters.

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BANGOR, Maine - A recount in a Maine congressional race that used ranked balloting is about to get underway.