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A federal judge will hear arguments Wednesday in Republican U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s case challenging the legality of Maine’s ranked-choice voting law.

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In the wake of his loss to Democrat Jared Golden earlier this month, 2nd District Republican Congressperson Bruce Poliquin is challenging the legality of Maine's ranked-choice voting law and the runoff process itself.

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Attorneys for Republican Congressman Bruce Poliquin are asking a federal judge to order a new election in the 2nd Congressional District race.

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After filing a federal lawsuit two weeks ago, Republican Congressman Bruce Poliquin is opening a second front in his challenge of the 2nd District election results. 

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Maine Republican Congressman Bruce Poliquin says his request for a recount in the 2nd District race he lost to Democrat Jared Golden is a response to thousands of complaints and concerns expressed to his campaign.

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Democrat Jared Golden became the first candidate to unseat an incumbent from Maine’s 2nd Congressional District in more than a century on Thursday when he was named the winner of the nation’s first ranked-choice voting runoff for a congressional contest.

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The nation’s first ranked-choice voting runoff will take place at noon Thursday at a counting facility in Augusta.

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A federal judge said Wednesday he might rule by Thursday on a lawsuit brought by Republican incumbent Bruce Poliquin that seeks to block the implementation of ranked choice voting in the 2nd Congressional District race and argues that the instant runoff system is unconstitutional.

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As political observers wait for a federal judge to decide if he'll intervene in the nation's first ranked-choice voting election for a congressional race, state election officials continued gathering and counting the ballots that will determine the winner. State workers did their best to keep the looming legal dispute from distracting from the count. Evidence of the growing controversy over Maine's landmark voting law was everywhere.

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Staff with the Maine Secretary of State's Office Wednesday resumed the ranked-choice voting count for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District race, as a federal judge began reviewing a request from incumbent Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s campaign to issue a restraining order to stop the count. They expect to finish the tabulation Thursday.

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While the ranked-choice voting process continues in Augusta to determine the winner in the race for Maine's 2nd Congressional District, the two candidates vying for the seat are staying away from the count and from U.S. District Court in Bangor.

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Maine 2nd District incumbent Bruce Poliquin's federal court challenge to ranked-choice voting raised several legal issues with the system. On Tuesday Poliquin filed an injunction and temporary restraining order to halt the count of ranked-choice voting results.  Dimitri Bam, associate dean for academic affairs at the University of Maine School of Law, unpacked some of those issues with Maine Public's Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz.

PORTLAND, Maine - Couriers will soon traverse Maine's 2nd Congressional District to collect materials needed to start the process of tallying the winner of that race.

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One of the most closely watched races in the country is still being watched. That's because Maine's 2nd Congressional District is still up for grabs between incumbent Republican Bruce Poliquin, who is seeking a third term, and Democrat Jared Golden of Lewiston.

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Attorney General Janet Mills is the Democratic nominee for governor, according to official results from Maine’s first ranked-choice voting election announced by the Maine Secretary of State Wednesday.