FALMOUTH, Maine - The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is awarding a half dozen grants to try to expand composting and recycling programs around the state.

Recycling: How Well Is It Being Done?

Jun 25, 2018

China has drastically curtailed its import of recycled materials from the United States. We’ll learn about the impact of this decision on recycling programs in Maine. We’ll also learn about the right and wrong ways to recycle some everyday products.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

A collapse in the global recycling market is having reverberations in Maine.

Mark King says a good quality compost has a pleasant, mild, earthy odor, with indistinguishable feedstocks.
Nick Woodward/Maine Public

A few times a year, people from all over the US — and well beyond — come to Maine to learn the science of all things rotten. The Maine Compost School has been teaching people how to turn organic trash into treasure, and glop into gold, for 20 years, making it the longest running program of its kind in the US.

Making a good compost is not for the faint of heart. It involves lots of things that stink, several things that crawl, and trillions of things you can’t even see.

PORTLAND, Maine - The city of Portland is replacing recycling bins with new covered carts in an effort to reduce litter.
The Portland Press Herald reports that residents will receive the two-wheeled carts beginning Aug. 7. City Hall Communications Director Jessica Grondin says the 25,000 containers cost about $1 million.

A recycling bin next to a trash bin in Biddeford, Maine.

Studies indicate that every person in Maine generates at least four pounds of trash a day. That adds up to millions of pounds that to be disposed of, somehow, every year.

Reducing our use of plastic bags.  On April 15, an ordinance in Portland goes into effect that requires retailers to charge a nickel for each plastic bag they provide to consumers.  We'll learn why plastic bags present a problem to the environment, they process of how they are recycled, and what other communities in Maine are doing about this issue.


Feb 20, 2014

  Just what happens to your paper, plastic, cans and bottles when you put them into the recycling bin?

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

George M. MacDonald, Director Sustainability Unit Bureau of Remediation Maine Department of Environmental Protection 

Victor Horton, Executive Director, Maine Resource Recovery Association 

Kevin Roche, General Manager, EcoMaine 

Jo Josephson, President of the Sandy River Recycling Association


Dec 4, 2012

  What is sustainability? It's a term we hear more and more, but many of us know little about what it really means.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by: 

Martin Grohman, Director of Sustainability at GAF

Melissa Walsh-Innes, Outreach director for Recycling Reinvented

Andrew Whitman - Director, Natural Capital Initiative at Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences