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This could be a big week for the endangered North Atlantic right whale, and for Maine's lobster fishery as well.  A meeting in Providence will consider new regulations on lobster and other fishermen to protect the roughly 400 remaining whales from becoming entangled in fishing gear.

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Federal fisheries regulators demonstrated a new risk-assessment tool on Tuesday, aimed at helping the survival of the North Atlantic right whale. It comes on the eve of regulatory decisions that could affect the fate of the endangered species — and the lobster industry, as well.

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Team will meet next month to consider new rules to protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

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The rapidly changing climate in Maine and New England is affecting lives – those of the people who depend on the region’s waters, as well as the species that live there. At the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor, a new exhibit explores the connection between the First People and the northern waters, and how that relationship is evolving in reaction to climate change and pollution.

NANTUCKET, Mass.  - The federal government is extending the use of a protected zone off Massachusetts to help rare whales until at least later this month.

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A Congressional panel is holding a hearing about the threats facing endangered North Atlantic right whales, which number only about 411.

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At Maine’s annual Fishermen’s Forum in Rockport Friday, a historic $600 million harvest season coincided with a slight increase in lobster landings and lingering concerns over potential changes to gear rules around protecting endangered right whales. But looming over the forum are major cutbacks in the quota of crucial herring bait fish — which could ripple across the industry.

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Fisheries’ managers in the Atlantic states are considering a more proactive approach to regulating the lobster industry in order to reduce risks it may pose for the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

Shutdown Makes It Tough For Groups To Help Endangered Whales

Jan 23, 2019
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PORTLAND, Maine - Rescuers who respond to distressed whales and other marine animals say the federal government shutdown is making it more difficult to do their work.

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NANTUCKET, Mass. - The federal government is extending a protective zone off Massachusetts to try to keep a large group of endangered whales safe from collisions with boats.

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PORTLAND, Maine - Scientists say the population of North Atlantic right whales could decline to levels not seen since 1990 in as few as 12 years.

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has confirmed the death of another North Atlantic Right Whale — the third this year.

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Originally published 4:43 p.m. September 25, 2018.

A report by federal scientists says it’s time for a new look at regulations that aim to protect the endangered North American right whale — because they aren’t working and may have made things worse.

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BOSTON - A member of a species of critically endangered whale that is struggling with poor reproduction has been found dead off of Massachusetts.

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The Canadian government says it is taking steps to protect endangered North Atlantic right whales from encounters with fishing vessels and gear.

The whales are one of the world's rarest marine mammals, and they have struggled with high mortality in recent years, especially in Canadian waters. Fisheries and Oceans Canada says it is enacting temporary fisheries closures in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and off Quebec.