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The good times of heavy shellfish hauls for the American scallop fishing industry are likely to continue into next year, though prices could rise for seafood lovers.

JONESPORT, Maine - Maine fishing regulators are implementing emergency closures in the state's scallop harvesting industry for the first time this season.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine fishing regulators are collecting the final entrants into a lottery to participate in one of the most lucrative marine industries in the state.

DARTMOUTH, Mass. - The federal government says a program that sells scallops to pay for marine science will include a study of how shellfish harvesting impacts sea turtles in this year's projects.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine's scallop season is ending for the year amid hopes that fishermen had a stronger season than they did a year ago.

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BLUE HILL, Maine - Maine fishery regulators are closing a handful of areas to scallop fishing as the season begins to wind down for the year.

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NEW BEDFORD, Mass. - Federal fishing managers are holding a series of hearings along the East Coast to gather feedback about potential changes to the rules governing the U.S.'s lucrative Atlantic ocean scallop fishery.

Your Atlantic Sea Scallops Could Soon Come From Maine Aquaculture Farms

Aug 24, 2018

PORTLAND, Maine - A group of Maine aquaculture firms are looking to scale up one of the first serious attempts to farm Atlantic sea scallops in the United States.

GLOUCESTER, Mass. - Federal regulators are closing a key scallop fishing area off of New England for nearly 11 months.
The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration says it is closing the northern Gulf of Maine to a class of fishermen who fish under a federal permit starting Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. The closure will last until March 31, 2019.

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PORTLAND, Maine - Maine's scallop fishery is reaching the end of a season that showed signs of further rebuilding.
The fishery collapsed in the mid-2000s and has steadily rebuilt amid new management measures over the last few years. Tuesday is the final day of the 2017-18 season for scallop draggers to harvest the shellfish.
The fishery still includes a few divers who harvest scallops by hand, and they can continue working until April 15.

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PORTLAND, Maine - A plan to create a fishing license lottery to get new people into the scallop fishery has passed a key hurdle in the Maine Legislature.
The Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources unanimously approved the proposal on Feb. 14. It now moves to the full Legislature, which is likely to vote on it in the next couple of weeks.

PORTLAND, Maine — Maine’s fishing managers are considering letting new people into the scallop fishery for the first time in nearly a decade.

A legislative committee is set to vote on a proposal to create a license lottery system on Wednesday. The average age of Maine scallop fishermen is higher than 50. The fishery has been closed to new people since 2009.

Maine’s scallop fishery has stabilized recently after crashing in the mid-2000s. It set a record value at $12.77 per pound at the docks in 2016.

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EASTPORT, Maine - Maine fishing regulators say they have shut down a few areas to scallop fishing, including parts of the state's most fertile scalloping ground.
The Maine Department of Marine Resources says it has shut down Johnson Bay and Eastport Breakwater in the Cobscook Bay area. Cobscook Bay is the most important fishing area for Maine scallopers.
The state says it's also shutting down Casco Passage, which is in the northwest corner of the Swan's Island fishing area.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine is allowing scallop fishermen to catch the same amount of scallops in the coming season as they did in the previous one.
The Maine Department of Marine Resources says its advisory council has approved the specifications for the 2017-18 scallop fishing season. Last year, fishermen were allowed to harvested 15 gallons of scallops per day in the Cobscook Bay area and 10 gallons per day in the rest of the state.
Those numbers will hold in the coming season. The scallop season will begin on Dec. 1 and last until April 15.

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ Federal fishing managers say studies are planned for an important New England scallop fishing area that's been a source of conflict in the fishery in recent months.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says it's facilitating survey work in the northern Gulf of Maine this summer.