Maine Gov. Paul LePage is refusing to authorize funding for a $15 million senior housing bond approved by Maine voters last fall.

LePage said Wednesday night that there are problems with the bond and that unless its language is corrected under a new Legislature, he will not release the bond in his remaining two years in office.

Bill Aims to Protect Elderly from Exploitation

May 14, 2015

AUGUSTA, Maine — Democrats and Republicans here can agree on the need to toughen up Maine laws that protect seniors citizens against financial exploitation. According to a recent report, it's estimated that 33,000 elderly Mainers will be abused or financially exploited this year.

While the state has made some progress on raising awareness about the potential for physical abuse of elders by caretakers or family members, Republican Sen. David Burns says the threat of financial abuse also needs attention.

 PORTLAND, Maine _ Almost 9000 Maine seniors are currently waiting for affordable housing. That's according to data released by the Maine Real Estate Managers Association, the members of which are landlords and property managers, who must often tell seniors that no housing is available.

Senior Health Issues

Jul 31, 2013

  A panel of experts discussed the biggest, and not so well known threats to the health of seniors in our state.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by: