Steve Lyons

Maine is a wonderland in the wintertime, with all the snowy-day activities, from skiing to snowshoeing. And, of course, summertime is when Maine really shines. But what about the less-loved mud season? Our panelists suggest ways to enjoy springtime in Maine even when it's not at its most glorious, weatherwise. We'll get ideas for indoor and outdoor activities, destinations, events and more.

With the arrival of autumn, we turn our attention to another one of the state’s great tourist attractions: fall foliage. We’ll learn about the economic impact leaf-peepers have on Maine and about some of the best places to visit to see spectacular fall colors. We’ll also discuss the makeup of Maine's forests, the physiology of trees, and how Maine’s foliage is affect by climate change.

Tourism attracts millions of visitors to Maine each summer, but for those of us who live here, there are still abundant opportunities to travel and explore in and around the state throughout the season. We’ll learn about places to visit, from popular attractions to hidden gems, as well as lodging options, festivals, events, quirky spots and more.

What does it mean to “brand” a state, and what efforts are being made to create a Maine brand that helps promote Maine’s resources and economy?  How do businesses benefit from and perpetuate Maine’s image?  Where are missed opportunities for promoting Maine?

Winter recreation is big business in Maine. The state has seen increases in winter visitation over the past five years, including an increase of more than 10 percent during the winter of 2016-17 compared to the previous year. We’ll learn about its role in the Maine economy and why there’s no need to cocoon all winter in Maine as our panel shares suggestions for winter travel, outdoor sports and adventure, activities, events, festivals and more.

Maine is the place to be in the summertime. We'll learn about all of the events, festivals, recreational activities, tours, trails, getaways and quirky things to do in the region during the summer season.