It has been about a month since colleges and universities across the country began shifting from life as usual to shutting down campuses and switching to remote classes. What has this drastic change meant for students, professors and for the schools themselves?

A May 2019 report by Disability Rights Maine found more than 20,000 incidents in which physical restraints and seclusion were used on students in Maine schools. That number has gone up every year since 2014, despite increased awareness of and attention to the problem. Experts say restraint and seclusion are ineffective and often dangerous, and the report found that disabled students were disproportionately subjected to these troubling interventions. Current legislation - LD 1376 - seeks to track and reduce schools' use of restraint/seclusion. The bill came out of committee "ought to pass" but was carried over to the next legislative session. This Maine Calling will air on the same day that Maine Public Television re-airs the documentary film "The Kids We Lose” (by Maine filmmaker Lisa Wolfinger) about the methods used by Dr. Ross Greene to more effectively help children with behavioral challenges.


Inside the Circus Conservatory of America Edit | Remove

  Our panel discussed an institution designed to provide the highest caliber artistic education to circus artists and to foster sustaining career opportunities for its students.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Peter Nielsen, President, Circus Conservatory of America 

School Absenteeism

Jan 8, 2014

School Absenteeism Edit | Remove

  A panel of Educators discussed ways of addressing the problem of school absenteeism. What is the link between elementary school attendance and high school graduation rates, and what is being done to keep kids in school, to combat chronic absenteeism, and to make parents, and those in the school system, more accountable for having school age children make it to class.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Home Schooling

Dec 30, 2013

  In Maine and across the country, homeschooling is on the rise. How well does home schooling work and what are the challenges it presents to parents and their children.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by
Belinda Ray, a freelance writer, bookkeeper and English teacher who has homeschooled her sons.
Lisa Siciliano homeschools her two children and volunteers with the Homeschoolers of Maine.
Desmond Molloy, a 16 year old from Falmouth who, although he attended preschool, has been homeschooled all of his life.


Oct 24, 2013

  What can, and should, be done to address bullying in our schools?

Host Keith Shortall was joined by 

Katherine Mayfield, author and former actress, she has just written a book called Bullied – a recovery guide for kids who are bullied 

Chuck Saufler, trainer, former counselor and co-coordinator of the Maine Project Against Bullying 

Safe Schools for All

Charter Schools

Sep 5, 2013

  Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Richard Barnes, a founding member and former Vice Chair of the Maine Charter School Commission

Glenn Cummings, President, Maine Academy of Natural Sciences 

Kelli Pryor, Board chair, Baxter Academy for Technology and Science