Tara Williams


This is a special two-hour Maine Calling program in response to the pressing issues facing Maine during the coronavirus crisis. For the second hour, click here.

As Maine feels the life-altering effects of the coronavirus crisis, most workplaces, businesses and schools are shutting down. But this raises a new set of challenges.

In the first hour of Monday's show, we address the child care dilemma that is facing Maine during this difficult time. Many who must continue to work — from those in the service industry and emergency workers to health care providers — still need care for their young children. Child care centers are finding themselves taking on more children, even as schools are mostly closed at this point. We'll learn how the state and the individual child care centers are addressing the pressing child care issues facing Maine.

Kevin Bennett for Maine Public

This show is part of Maine Public's Deep Dive Special Series on child care in Maine.

We wrap up Maine Public's special child care series with a conversation about challenges and priorities for child care in Maine. What are some potential solutions or paths forward? What is being done elsewhere that is a model for our state? And are there policies or programs that show promise for alleviating the child care crisis?

Mark your calendar! Join the Maine Public news department for a community discussion around Maine Public's Deep Dive on child care in Maine on 5:30-7 p.m. Monday, July 8, at the Portland Public Library Rines Auditorium at 5 Monument Square. Hosted by Patty Wight, Maine Public's reporters will meet to discuss what was learned and next steps surrounding the issues that were touched on in the series. They will also be there to hear from you and listen to your comments and field your questions.