Maine Lobster Business Salvaged Its Summer Despite Pandemic

Sep 27, 2020
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Maine’s lobster fishermen braced for a difficult summer this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but then the unexpected happened. They kept catching lobsters, and people kept buying them.

The Trump administration has lifted a 10% tariff on aluminum imported from Canada.

The governors of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are calling on President Donald Trump to reverse a 10% tariff on imports of aluminum from Canada, citing a negative impact on manufacturers and businesses in northern New England.

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A federal award of some $50 million to Maine lobstermen to compensate for losses created by the U.S. trade war with China is upsetting live lobster dealers and processors who were left out of the equation. Even some lobstermen are questioning the formula — and some observers see one key motivation behind the decision: presidential politics.

Fred Bever / Maine Public

Maine lobstermen will get a share of $530 million in federal relief for the U.S. Seafood industry, which has been hurt by the trade dispute with China. China, at one point, raised tariffs on American lobster to 32 percent, significantly reducing Maine's exports there.

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There appears to be further movement in the effort to knock back Chinese tariffs on American lobster.

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China is slightly lowering tariffs on U.S. lobster, but industry observers say it is not enough to reboot Maine's languishing sales to that country. At the same time, the outbreak of coronavirus in China is hurting lobster sales abroad and domestic markets as well.

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Maine's Congressional delegation is asking the Trump administration for proof that its recent trade deal with China will actually make a difference for Maine's lobstermen.

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U.S. Senator Susan Collins is claiming a victory for lobstermen in President Trump's just-announced trade deal with China. But after taking a big hit during the height of the trade war, some in the industry are being cautious about the latest developments.

Maine Sen. Angus King says the state’s blueberry industry isn’t getting the assistance it deserves. He took to the Senate floor Wednesday to protest President Donald Trump’s trade war.

US Exports To Lobster-Loving China Plunge Amid Tariffs

Aug 26, 2019
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PORTLAND, Maine — U.S. lobster exports to China have fallen off a cliff this year as new retaliatory tariffs shift the seafood business farther north.

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Maine agriculture officials are asking the federal government to help out wild blueberry growers as they deal with the effects of rising trade disputes with foreign countries.

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With trade tensions escalating between the United States and China and a growing economic toll on Maine businesses — particularly lobster dealers — Gov. Janet Mills is emphasizing international trade as a vital part of the state's future.

SIDNEY, Maine - Maine farmers aren't major exporters to China, but that doesn't mean they're immune from a trade war.


What impact are recent tariffs having on Maine's economy as a whole - and on specific businesses and industries? What are companies doing to adjust to the repercussions of the trade wars?