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Holden Police Chief Chris Greeley makes it a habit to give out his cellphone number to residents in his community. But during the recent pandemic and the governor's stay-at-home order, Greeley has been taking additional steps to try to connect with the people he serves by reaching out and calling those who may be especially vulnerable.

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For some people, life during the pandemic has meant hunkering down with family members and, if you're fortunate, working from home. But when you happen to be a newlywed separated from your wife by an entire ocean and a professional athlete whose career in Europe is uncertain, priorities have a way of coming into focus.

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Ten days ago Maine Public spoke with Portland surgeon and critical care Doctor Laura Withers, who was about to go to New York to volunteer in a COVID-19 intensive care unit at Long Island Jewish Hospital. Since then, she says she’s been working nights for 15 hours at a stretch. In her own words, Withers describes what it has been like to treat patients at the epicenter of the pandemic:

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Living with all the troubling effects of the pandemic — social distancing, the toll on health care workers, the anguish for the sick and the economic fallout — retired Navy veteran Robert Bott of Lewiston says there's no doubt it can test your faith. But Bott, who is Catholic, says he and his wife have found comfort in online prayer groups, and he's trying to make the most of the time they have to spend together:

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A beautiful late afternoon at the Railroad Square Cinema in Waterville was the perfect setting for our listening tour! And listen we did, as the attendees offered up a number of really interesting topics and perspectives that the members of the Maine Public News team could take back and share with the larger news team.

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On April 18th, Maine Public’s Tell Me More Tour visited Androscoggin County, hosting a public event at Maine Public’s Studio in Lewiston.

We were pretty excited to launch our Tell Me More Tour right from our own studio in Lewiston. We thought this was a great spot to choose so we could work out any and all bugs close by before we hit the proverbial highway. Well, our worries were unfounded as a wonderful community discussion resulted from the evening event.