Tom Saviello

Steve Mistler / Maine Public

Another of Gov. Paul LePage's handwritten notes - which he's sent in the past to legislators, lobbyists and constituents - has surfaced.

LePage sent the letter, dated Nov. 6, 2017, to state Sen. Tom Saviello, who last year led an effort to override LePage's veto of a new law imposing a 5-cent deposit on so-called nips, mini-bottles of liquor. 

"Here's a nickel for you. There (sic) everywhere!!!" LePage wrote, enclosing a crushed nips bottle with the note.

A recycling bin next to a trash bin in Biddeford, Maine.

Studies indicate that every person in Maine generates at least four pounds of trash a day. That adds up to millions of pounds that to be disposed of, somehow, every year.