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The threat of climate change is forcing Maine to contemplate a future that relies increasingly on electricity: electricity to heat homes and cool them and to power vehicles. Recently, Efficiency Maine's Executive Director Michael Stoddard talked to legislators about a report that documents the need for that shift.

Stoddard joined Maine Public host Irwin Gratz to talk about this report.

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Some Republican state lawmakers say they want to use a portion of the sales tax to fund road and bridge improvements and repairs.

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A regional rail service that carries passengers from Maine to Boston broke its ridership record in 2019, when it attracted more than 570,000 passengers. 

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The state is expanding the display of "travel time" information on its major highways.

The Maine Department of Transportation says it will no longer use a certain type of road sealant on travel lanes of state roads after investigating an accident earlier this year.

Maine voters overwhelmingly approved a $105 million transportation bond proposal Tuesday.

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One of the most difficult issues facing lawmakers and Democratic Gov. Janet Mills in the months ahead is how to adequately fund the state’s roads and bridges. The cost of repairs and reconstruction continues to increase, and fuel taxes have not kept pace as Mainers move to more fuel-efficient vehicles.

As part of his continuing series of interviews with Maine news makers, Mal Leary spoke with Gov. Mills about her views on transportation policy.

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If traffic is the major complaint for drivers in and around Maine’s largest city, then parking is a close second.

Gov. Janet Mills called the Legislature back into session to consider four bond proposals totaling $163 million in borrowing for the November ballot. The bonds would fund transportation projects ($105 million), economic development aimed at high-speed internet expansion ($23 million for pollution clean up; $15 million for energy efficiency loans) and $20 million for conservation projects under the Land for Maine’s future program. The session went into a deadlock, then three bonds were defeated. We'll learn more about the future of funding for the state.

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Talks are underway in Augusta about a possible special session of the legislature in the coming weeks. Democratic Gov. Janet Mills and members of her cabinet are hoping to get multiple bond proposals to the voters in November, and they are negotiating with legislative leaders over how to make that happen.

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Casco Bay Lines has received a $3.4 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The funding will be used to finish a third phase of terminal renovations in Portland.

As the head of Maine’s Department of Transportation, Commissioner Bruce Van Note oversees a vast transportation network, including the turnpike, bridges, airports and other infrastructure. In recent news, the DOT has pulled back on a number of projects due to construction costs. We’ll hear about how he will address these budgetary issues and what his plans are for the future.

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For the first time in 50 years, there is regular bus service between Farmington and Lewiston.

Rural Transportation

Feb 5, 2019

What’s being done in Maine to help those in rural areas get access to transportation? Maine’s rural population is spread out, and public transportation does not always reach or connect in ways that help people get to jobs or medical care. We’ll learn about statewide efforts to find solutions.

Maine is getting almost $27 million in federal dollars for three transportations projects.