The Legislature’s Education Committee is considering a bill that would amend Maine’s new vaccination law that was overwhelmingly upheld by voters in last week’s referendum.

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Maine voters have upheld a new state law that eliminates religious and philosophical exemptions for vaccinations required to attend school. The campaign to keep the law prevailed by a large margin in Tuesday's referendum vote.

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In collaboration with the America Amplified Election Project, we join public radio stations from Vermont and Massachusetts for a voter-focused recap of Super Tuesday in New England, with voices from our three states voting that day, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts.

This program will be recorded live-to-tape at 11am on 3/4 and will air during Maine Calling’s 1pm hour that day.

On March 3, Maine voters will weigh in on the Question 1 ballot referendum, deciding whether or not to overturn LD 798, the bill removing religious and philosophical exemptions from the state’s school vaccination law.

Last May, the Maine Senate voted to eliminate those two nonmedical vaccination exemptions for students to attend public or private schools, as well as colleges and day care facilities, and for employees of health care facilities in the state. Gov. Janet Mills then signed the bill into law, to go into effect Sept. 2021.

We will hear from both sides on Question 1 regarding vaccination efficacy, private versus government decisionmaking and other issues raised by the ballot referendum.

Editor's note: This version of the program has been edited from the original broadcast to correct a reporter error during the conversation.

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Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap joins us to discuss the March primary election, upcoming ballot referendum, ranked choice and other voting issues, what people need to know about the upcoming census, Real ID and more.

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Maine’s secretary of state's office says it's fielding some complaints from people who felt they were lied to so they would sign a petition in support of a people’s veto to strike down Maine’s vaccination requirements.

We discuss the prevalence of rabies in Maine, what to do about potentially rabid animals, how to treat humans and pets who may have rabies and more.

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The Maine House has rejected a Senate-passed religious exemption to the requirement that all Maine schoolchildren be vaccinated. The measure now goes back to the Senate.

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The Maine House voted on Tuesday to repeal all but one exemption to Maine vaccination laws, but not without lengthy debate.

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Our panel of Maine editorial page editors returns to discuss the news that made Maine headlines in March.

In the face of more disease outbreaks here and in other states, a bill introduced in Maine addresses the issue of vaccinations required by schools. It would eliminate the current exemptions that are offered for those who oppose vaccinations for philosophical or religious reasons. These exemptions are being debated across the country. We look at the ethical and legal ramifications for mandatory vaccinations in advance of a public hearing on the proposed legislation set for March 13.

Flu Season: It's Not Too Late to Get Vaccinated

Dec 28, 2018

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (Oct 30); no calls will be taken.

Last year was one of the worst flu seasons on record, both in Maine and nationwide. We’ll learn about flu shots, symptoms and health risks to watch out for — and what to expect in the months ahead in Maine.