Shenna Bellows became Maine’s new secretary of state in January, taking on the role after Matt Dunlap served in the position for 14 years. She is the first woman in Maine history to serve in this office. We’ll discuss her priorities, including the implementation of automatic voter registration and her efforts to ensure Maine’s motor vehicle laws don’t punish those living in poverty.

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Matthew Dunlap, Maine Secretary of State, returns to address the complexities and confusion that remain in the days before the election, including the ins and outs of absentee voting and ranked choice voting. He'll also discuss the U.S. Census, motor vehicle questions and more.

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Maine Calling is now airing live at a new time: 11 a.m.-noon, Monday-Friday. Our evening rebroadcast remains at 7 p.m.

Secretary Dunlap returns to discuss the state’s new absentee ballot tracking service, the latest on ranked-choice voting and election integrity. We expect Sen. Angus King to join us to discuss election security measures and why the public should not expect to know the outcome of the presidential race on election night.

Some believe the U.S. Postal Service is under threat. Maine’s Attorney General joined a coalition of states filing suit against the major changes made to the U.S. Postal Service in recent weeks. Customers are feeling the effects of cost-cutting measures: mail is delayed and affecting commerce—recently, dead baby chicks arrived at farms in Maine. Citizens groups are worried that delayed ballots could sow confusion and threaten the integrity of the November election. We’ll discuss the latest news regarding mail-in ballots, delayed deliveries, staffing and funding challenges, and the outlook for this beleaguered government institution.  

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Secretary of State Matt Dunlap discusses the recent primary election, including how absentee ballots and ranked-choice voting worked out. We'll find out what is in store for the November election, including the debate over a CMP corridor ballot referendum. He'll also offer updates on how well the U.S. Census response has been among Mainers, and he'll answer your motor vehicle questions.

As Maine's Bureaus of Motor Vehicles begin opening up by appointment only, Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap joins us to address how registrations, licenses and other issues will be handled. He'll also talk about the upcoming primary election, absentee ballots, U.S. Census, postal concerns, the CMP corridor — and how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting how these matters are proceeding.

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Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap joins us to talk about the change to the primary date, safety at polling sites, election security, the impact of stay-at-home orders on Maine's independent candidates, changes to how the Bureau of Motor Vehicles is operating because of the crisis, and the work his office is doing with Maine State archives in celebration of the bicentennial.

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The Across the Aisle panelists join us to offer analysis and reaction to Tuesday’s election results. We'll also hear from Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap about voting turnout and behavior, as well as from Maine Public's politcal reporters.

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Maine Calling speaks with the candidates as part of Maine Public’s Your Vote 2018 coverage.

Month in Review: Maine's News Headlines in May

May 31, 2018

Which stories mattered most to Mainers in May? Topics up for discussion include the Republican lawsuit over ranked choice voting, the death of Robert Indiana and the questions about whether he was exploited in the final years of his life, Maine’s unemployment rate hitting a record low, and the Republican and Democratic state conventions.

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - Maine is using its primary elections Tuesday to debut new voting machines designed to aid people with disabilities.

Maine voters could be asked to decide a half dozen or more questions on the statewide ballot next November if all the groups circulating petitions are successful.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says someone is videotaping voters as they sign petitions in polling places, raising concerns of voter intimidation.

Dunlap said Tuesday he received reports in Portland and Old Orchard Beach of voters being videotaped as they signed a petition seeking to put a gun control referendum on the 2016 ballot.

Dunlap said the law is silent on the issue.

  Colby College sponsored a talk by Linda Killian, Senior Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars in Washington DC. Her topic: The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents.

Linda Killian's talk was based on her new book "The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents.” Her focus is on swing demographic groups in swing states. 

This talk was recorded March 28, 2012 at the Goldfarb Center at Colby College in Waterville.