Nearly one in five American adults—43.8 million people—experienced some type of diagnosable mental illness in 2013. State and national news stories quite regularly feature people who are surprised by the acts of others they thought they knew. Sadly, there is a stigma that prevents many from getting the help they need. We’ll discuss attempts to overcome this stigma and the role of community mental health services.


Feb 9, 2016

People are inundated with information about healthful living in today’s media, but much of it is conflicting.  What advice is most important?  What can we ignore? What are small changes each of us can make to improve our lives and our future health?  We’ll also discuss the concept of wellness-based medicine. 

Guests:  Mike Noonan, DC, Dipl. Ac. (AACA) Noonan Wellness and Chiropractic  Old Town, ME, and columnist for Bangor Daily News.

Christopher B. Scott, Department of Exercise, Health and Sport Sciences, University of Southern Maine.


Apr 25, 2013

  Good nutrition and does eating organic make a difference? Two doctors discussed health, wellness and eating right.

 Host Keith Shortall was joined by:

Dr. Dan Nadeau, Medical Director at York Hospital, co-author of The Color Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan For Optimum Health 

Mike Noonan, DC, Dipl. Ac. (AACA), Noonan Wellness and Chiropractic

Workplace Wellness

Nov 15, 2012

  What are employers doing to help improve the health of their employees. What can employees do to enhance their own wellness? Staying, and maybe getting, healthy at work.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by:

Phil DiRusso, Project Manager - Worksite Health Specialist, Maine CDC - Cardiovascular Health Program

and Tom Downing - Director of Maine Med's Workplace Wellness Program

Wellness Council of Maine