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A.J. Higgins / MPBN

AUGUSTA, Maine - On the Maine Legislature's opening day, partisan lines were drawn in the Republican-led Senate, which rejected a demand from Democrats that would have effectively left the voters of southern Maine's District 25 without a state senator.

Courtesy Maine Democratic Party

In an election cycle that saw Republicans post significant gains at the expense of Maine Democrats, some pundits have concluded that it's time for the state's progressives to move to the center. But Maine Democrats are doubling down, retaining progressive leaders in the House and Senate. And the party's new choice for state chair continues a liberal ideological preference.


AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine's secretary of state says Republican Sen. Michael Thibodeau is officially the winner of the close race for the Waldo County state Senate seat.

Matthew Dunlap's office said Friday that the recount showed Thibodeau beat Democrat Michael Jonathan Fulford by 135 votes.

Recounts are set next week for Senate Districts 21 and 25.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine officials will do recounts in three tight races for spots in the state Senate.

The Maine secretary of state's office says that a recount has been requested in the race for Senate District 11, where Democrat Jonathan Fulford challenged incumbent Senate Republican Leader Michael Thibodeau. Unofficial results show Thibodeau winning by 115 votes.

A recount will also be done for Senate District 21. Unofficial results show Democrat Nathan Libby defeating Republican Patricia Gagne by 64 votes.

A.J. Higgins / MPBN

For the first time in 20 years, the two houses of the Maine Legislature will be under the control of different parties. Pending recounts, Republicans have captured 20 of the Maine Senate's 35 seats. Over in the House, meanwhile - despite some Republican gains - Democrats appear to have maintained a majority, with 79 seats. The dynamics of this divided Legislature could potentially result in an usually productive session.


On Morning Edition, Irwin Gratz interviewed University of New England political science professor Brian Duff. Among other analysis, he says those who turned out to vote no on Question 1 likely voted to re-elect Gov. Paul LePage.

"The bear hunting initiative probably brought out a lot of conservative voters, and they broke for LePage," Duff says.

Political commentator Al Diamon took on election results with Irwin Gratz. He says Gov. Paul LePage was re-elected based on three major factors: he ran a good campaign, the Democratic Party in Maine is "severely broken," and Mike Michaud's announcement that he is gay.

Diamon writes the column "Politics, and Other Mistakes," for several Maine newspapers.

Democrat Emily Cain has formally conceded the 2nd Congressional District race to Republican Bruce Poliquin. The vote counting last night showed a contest neither candidate was willing to call before breaking off their election-night gatherings. The Bangor Daily News did call the race for Poliquin early this morning.

In an emailed statement, Cain writes, "Last night we experienced a national wave of frustration with a Congress that has refused to come to the table to solve problems, and people are right to be upset."

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AUGUSTA, Maine — Democrats have maintained control of the Maine House of Representatives — barely. They will need most of the four independents that apparently were elected to ensure they organize the House. A few seats were not settled by early Tuesday morning.

Republicans say they have a one vote margin in the Senate, 18-17 with two recounts likely in the Yarmouth and Lewiston senate seats.

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It was a busy day at the polls as Maine voters cast their ballots on high-stakes political races as well as questions on bear baiting, bonds, and legalizing marijuana in South Portland and Lewiston. Patty Wight spoke to voters about which issues drove them to the polls.


Power outages due to stormy weekend weather forced relocation of some polling centers. In Rockland, City Clerk Stuart Sylvester says voting was moved from the rec center, to a much smaller space across town at City Hall.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Mainers are deciding $50 million in bonds designed to stimulate economic growth in Maine.

Three of the bonds on Tuesday's ballot would fund research labs in Maine. One of them would put $3 million toward expanding a lab for the study of treatment and prevention of diseases like Alzheimer's, cancer and diabetes.

Another would put $7 million toward bolstering the state's marine economy. Supporters say the money could be used to add value to Maine's lobster industry by finding new markets for lobster parts that currently get thrown away when it's processed.

By Alanna Durkin, The Associated Press

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine utility workers who are unable to get to the polls because they're restoring power to homes and businesses will still be able to send in their ballots.

An emergency proclamation signed by Republican Gov. Paul LePage on Tuesday allows the workers to vote remotely. Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says they'll be able to download ballots online and then email or fax them back to his office.

PORTLAND, Maine — A group that wants to bolster Maine's clean election law is going to be collecting signatures on Election Day.

More than 800 volunteers with Maine Citizens for Clean Elections will be collecting petitions at more than 200 polling locations from Kittery to Fort Kent on Tuesday.

The proposed legislation is aimed at increasing transparency and bolstering accountability.

By Alanna Durkin, The Associated Press

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine residents are determining whether Republican Gov. Paul LePage will get another four years in the Blaine House.

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says turnout appeared heavy as voters cast ballots Tuesday even though thousands remain without power after a weekend snow storm.

LePage hopes to fend off challenges from Democrat Mike Michaud and independent Eliot Cutler.

Some residents in parts of Maine hit hardest by the storm have had to get creative in order to vote.

The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting is out with a list of the top ten individual contributors to political campaigns. The center's founding editor John Christie, told Mal Leary the top contributor is Portland Press Herald investor and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree's husband, Donald Sussman.