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AUGUSTA, Maine - After weeks of political high drama, the Senate District 25 contest in southern Maine between Republican Cathy Manchester and Democrat Cathy Breen has been resolved by a special Senate Elections Committee.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - A Maine Senate candidate who thought she'd won on Election Night only to be told she'd lost a recount has won the District 25 race after all.

Deputy Secretary of State Julie Flynn said Wednesday that 21 ballots were accidentally counted twice during the recount that favored Republican Cathy Manchester. That means Democrat Cathy Breen of Falmouth was the winner.

Manchester, who's from Gray, thanked a special legislative committee for getting to the bottom of the matter on Tuesday and said she intended to resign.

The discovery of 21 so-called "phantom ballots" in state Senate District 25 has Democrats crying foul.

Number of Contested Maine Senate Seats Grows to Four

Nov 13, 2014

Editor's note: The Bangor Daily News reports that Michael Carpenter withdrew his recount request. So although there were five such requests at the time this story aired, that number is now four.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Although there will be no recounts for any of the 151 seats in the Maine House, two more requests in the state Senate were filed before Wednesday's 5 p.m. deadline. That brings the total number of contested Senate races to five.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine officials will recount ballots to officially determine the winner in five close state Senate races.

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says that five requests were submitted by Wednesday's deadline.

The first recount, in the Senate District 11 race, will take place on Friday in Augusta. In the Waldo County Senate race, unofficial results show that Republican Sen. Michael Thibodeau beat Democrat Jonathan Fulford by about 100 votes.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Election balloting is over, but the process of determining voter intent goes on.  Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says the apparent losers in three close Senate races have requested recounts to determine if the ballot tallies are accurate.

Maine officials will conduct recounts in three Senate races, with the first beginning Friday in Augusta. Dunlap says his staff is preparing to conduct a review of the votes to ensure that all ballots were counted properly.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A Republican from Winterport has been nominated to be president of the state Senate in Maine.

Sen. Michael Thibodeau was unanimously nominated by Republicans on Friday to lead the Senate, which is back in their party's control after they picked up five seats Tuesday. Pending some recounts, the Senate is expected to be made up of 20 Republicans and 15 Democrats.

Republicans also chose Sen. Garett Mason of Lisbon Falls to serve as majority leader and Andre Cushing of Hampden to become assistant majority leader.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - In a wide-ranging discussion with reporters Thursday, Gov. Paul LePage  laid out an ambitious agenda, with one over-arching goal: improving Maine’s economy and putting more Mainers to work in his second term.  


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AUGUSTA, Maine - Gov. LePage is hoping that legislative Democrats will work with him in his second term. But there are a pair of top Democrats he says he would prefer to leave out of the mix.


LePage says he is encouraged by the expected election of Republican Sen. Mike Thibodeau as the next president of the Maine Senate. But at the other end of the State House, Democrats control the Maine House, where current Speaker Mark Eves is expected to win a second term. And that's a prospect that does not exactly thrill the governor.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - Gov. Paul LePage says his top priorities in his second term will be working to lower energy costs and implement further changes to Maine's welfare system.

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For Bruce Poliquin, the third time was a charm. After earlier, unsuccessful campaigns for governor and U.S. Senate, the Republican has won the race to succeed Mike Michaud in Maine's 2nd Congressional District. Democrat Emily Cain called Poliquin this morning to concede what became a nasty, hard-fought and expensive race.

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Battered and bruised in the wake of yesterday's election, Maine Democrats were attempting to sort out why they lost seats in the Maine House, handed control of the Senate over to Republicans and saw a lackluster finish for the party's gubernatorial candidate. One political analyst says the party never really developed a statewide message that resonated with Maine voters. But Democratic leaders disagree.


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Democrats have lost their solid majorities in the Maine Legislature, with Republicans clearly in control of the Senate and Democrats holding a slight majority in the House. Final margins will have to wait for expected recounts.


Republicans have at least 20 of the 35 seats in the state Senate, and in two contested seats, Democrats have a slim lead, subject to a recount. Over in the House, Democrats have 79 seats, based on preliminary results, while Republicans hold 68 seats, and there are four independents.

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By David Sharp, The Associated Press

BRUNSWICK, Maine - Independent Sen. Angus King says he will continue caucusing with Democrats, even though Republicans have taken control of the Senate.
    King announced his decision to reporters Wednesday outside his home in Brunswick, Maine.

PORTLAND, Maine - Cumberland, Maine, voters are giving their town authorization to borrow $3 million to establish its first public beach.