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Democratic voters in Maine and 13 other states will get their chance to weigh in on the presidential nomination contest Tuesday. It's known as Super Tuesday, and while Maine is a relatively small player in determining the outcome, several of the contenders are spending money here.

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Next week, Mainers vote on a People's Veto referendum that will affect vaccination requirements. Question 1 seeks to overturn a new state law that prevents parents from refusing to have their children vaccinated, except for medical reasons. The Yes on 1 campaign says the new law is unnecessary and infringes on personal freedom.  The No side says the law is needed to preserve public health.

SOLON, Maine - A U.S. Senate hopeful is leaving the Maine Green Independent Party to make it easier to get onto the November ballot.

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A people’s veto referendum that will determine the fate of a new Maine vaccination law is generating less campaign cash and fanfare than other recent ballot initiatives, but the sources behind the money and the messaging highlight a deep rift between the state’s leading health organizations and individuals who distrust vaccines.

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A survey of just over 1,000 Mainers conducted for Colby College indicates U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders holds the lead in the Maine Democratic presidential primary March 3. But the race is still far from over.

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Super Tuesday is in two weeks. It will be the first time in twenty years that Maine Democrats and Republicans will vote in a presidential primary instead of a caucus.

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Gov. Janet Mills says she has not yet decided which Democrat she’ll vote for in the upcoming presidential primary.

The votes are in and the New Hampshire Presidential Primary is now history. Our panel discusses who did well and who failed to live up to expectations.  They'll also discuss the next phase in the race for the White House 2020.

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Maine's Republican Party is launching a people's veto campaign to overturn the law that expands the use of ranked-choice voting to presidential elections.

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The opposing sides in Maine’s upcoming vaccination referendum officially kicked off their campaigns Tuesday in Augusta.

On March 3, Maine voters will be asked to overturn a new law that eliminates religious and philosophical exemptions for child vaccinations. The campaigns both for and against Question 1 say there’s much more at stake than the fate of the new law.

The Yes and No campaigns for Question 1 held back-to-back press conferences in packed rooms at the State House Tuesday morning. The Yes campaign, which spearheaded the veto referendum, was first up.

Our panel discusses the results from the Iowa caucuses and looks ahead to the New Hampshire primary. Where do the presidential candidates stand at this point in the race?

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Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and independent Sen. Angus King joined Democrats Friday in a failed attempt to gather additional witnesses and documents in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

More than anything, this election is about President Trump.

For most incumbent presidents running for reelection, approval ratings really matter. With Trump, there are several different striking ways to look at those numbers. He's historically unpopular — the most unpopular incumbent ever to stand for reelection.

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says Democratic presidential candidate, and former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg sent inaccurate voting information to some state residents.

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Billionaire Michael Bloomberg made a brief stop in Maine Monday to promote his run for the presidency.