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  Speaking in Maine features a special "Your Vote 2010" gubernatorial candidate forum on Education. This forum is sponsored by the 5th Maine Symposium on Higher Education with a focus on “dramatically increasing the education and skill level of Maine's current and future workers.”

The candidates for Maine Governor respond to the question “What Would You Do, as Governor, To Increase Education Attainment?” They also present their plans to achieve the goal of 40,000 more degree-holders by 2020. The moderator is MPBN’s Jennifer Rooks.

  Speaking in Maine offers a presentation delivered at the University of Maine's summit to assess Maine’s future workforce needs to help create a public agenda for higher education. The speaker is John Dorrer, Director of the Maine Dept. of Labor’s Center for Workforce Research and Information.

John Dorrer's presentation is titled: Workforce Demographics and the Demand for High Skill Workers: Challenges and Opportunities for Maine Higher Education.

  Speaking in Maine features Dr. Richard Sims, Ph.D., chief economist at the National Education Association. He discusses the future of education from an economic perspective.

  Speaking in Maine offers a talk delivered by Dr. Robert Kennedy, President of the University of Maine at Orono, the state's flagship land-grant/sea-grant university.

Dr. Kennedy explains his belief that U. Maine is a crucial factor in the state's future through the development of future leaders in natural resources management, composite technologies, energy initiatives and global climate change research.