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Journalist: Decline in Russia Not as Steep as Foreigners Say

Irwin Gratz
Russian journalist Anton Araslanov (from left), chaperone Dennis Marrotte and interpreter Karin Elliot Whitney.

PORTLAND, Maine — Among those visiting us on Super Thursday yesterday was Anton Araslanov, a radio journalist originally from Kirov but now working in Moscow, where he's hosting a program who's title translates in English to "Boring Sex."

"So actually we've had a number of programs," he says through his interpreter, Mainer Karin Elliot Whitney. "One was how to talk to teenagers about sex. Another one: Which is more sexy, the body or the brain? Is there sex after 50? And does it matter if you're kind of chubby or not? Does that interfere with your sex life?"

Araslanov has also worked as a reporter covering harder news. And, through his interpreter, we discussed some contemporary issues. I began by asking him about the Russian economy, in the face of declining oil prices and U.S. sanctions.

Anton Araslanov is a regional editor for Radio Komsomolskaya pravda in Moscow.