Judge To Consider Annulling Marriage Of Maine Couple Charged With Daughter's Death

Jan 2, 2019

At a hearing in Wiscasset District Court on Thursday, the woman charged with murder in the death of her 10-year-old daughter Marissa Kennedy will file a petition to annul her marriage to Julio Carrillo, who is also charged with murder.

Sharon Carrillo’s attorney Chris MacLean says Julio Carrillo was married to at least one — if not two — other women when he married Sharon. MacLean says the situation illustrates the fictional world Julio created about his family.

“Part of what we’re doing here is trying to pull the curtain back and reveal what was really happening in this family,” he says. “He held himself out as a caring family man and father. What we’ve learned as we’ve been investigating this is he was really engaged in the most horrific acts of domestic violence.”

MacLean says Julio Carrillo tortured both Sharon and Marissa. The 10-year-old died from battered child syndrome last February.