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Maine Calling is a live, call-in radio program offering enlightening and engaging conversations on a wide range of topics.

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This Week on Maine Calling -

As the GOP convention kicks off, the presidential race is in a volatile state. Republicans must still choose a vice-presidential candidate. And the convention takes place in the midst of a fraught national debate over whether President Biden is the right person to head the Democratic ticket. We’ll discuss the pressing issues surrounding the 2024 presidential campaign.

After decades of decline, drowning deaths are on the rise. Water safety is particularly important in Maine, where boating, swimming and other recreation is popular at beaches, lakes, rivers and pools. We get advice on what to pay attention to while in and around bodies of water—even for those who believe they know what they're doing.

Maine Rep. Chellie Pingree recently launched the first Slow Fashion Caucus. Its goal: to make the fashion and clothing industry more sustainable. Slow fashion calls for more recycling and re-use of clothing and other goods. The trend among young people to go "thrifting" for used clothing is part of the slow fashion movement.

7/18 Thu – RURAL YOUTH
Many young people who live in rural Maine want to live in a rural place when they grow up – but there are many obstacles. The biggest? Lack of opportunity. We’ll discuss what problems are affecting rural youth, what programs and opportunities aim to help them, and why it matters for Maine’s future.

From sky diving to snowboarding, rock climbing to downhill mountain biking, we’ll hear about the wide range of extreme sports that are popular in Maine. What goes into participating in these sports, where and how do people get involved—and how dangerous are they? This is part of our Passions & Pastimes series.


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