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Borealis: The Nature of Maine

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Borealis is a new multi-media outdoors series produced by Maine Public highlighting the nature of Maine. Borealis will take us all over this great state, introducing us to conservationists, citizen scientists, outdoor recreation enthusiasts, and others dedicated to preserving Maine’s outdoor spaces and sharing them with everyone.

Follow along as we surf, fish, hike, bike and more with host and registered Maine Guide Aislinn Sarnacki!

Look out for bonus Borealis content only available on Maine Public’s YouTube Channel and over social media.

Borealis Stories

  • #WeOutside launched this summer with weekly canoeing, hiking, and swimming trips, and will continue into the fall and winter.
  • A group of kids on a canoe trip is a pretty normal summer camp activity in Maine. But for most of these teens, it’s their first time in a canoe. Most of their families recently arrived in Maine from Angola, and today is a welcome reprieve from the crowded emergency shelter in Portland where they’ve been living.
  • In our latest Borealis story, we get to know Nyle as he traverses the rocky and forested mountains along the final leg of the 2,100-mile-long Appalachian Trail, known as the 100-Mile-Wilderness.
  • Although Maine is known for its diverse fly fishing opportunities, anglers themselves are not so diverse. A group called Confluence Collective aims to change that with its Outcast Campouts.
  • Many people have heard of the historic Loring Air Force Base in northern Maine. But did you know there's something even older, something prehistoric, putting down roots in Aroostook County? No, we're not talking about dinosaurs, but a different reptile that still walks the earth today.
  • In this Borealis story, budding scientists and explorers arrive at the Schoodic Peninsula, the mainland part of Acadia National Park, to embark on an exciting adventure called the Schoodic Education Adventure, or SEA Program for short.
  • When you imagine opening a fishing catalogue, who do you see?In this Borealis story, we'll hear from people who seek to change representation in fly fishing through a coming together of identities. Maine Public reporter Murray Carpenter heads on down to the Wild River in Bethel, ME to meet with organizers and guests of "Maine Outcast Camp," a program hosted by the Confluence Collective. Attendees discover creative and informed ways of approaching how to tie a fly, and along the way, they uncover new things about themselves.
  • The running of the alewives is one of Mother Nature's great spectacles. These small anadromous fish power upstream to reach their spawning grounds, and thousands of people flock to streams to witness the drama every spring.
Meet Aislinn Sarnacki: The host of Borealis!

About Aislinn:

The host of Borealis is no stranger to the outdoors in Maine. Aislinn previously was an outdoors reporter at the Bangor Daily News for 10 years, has written three books centered around hiking in Maine, including Dog-Friendly Hikes in Maine; and she’s well known for her series of videos called “One Minute Hikes.”

Aislinn also teaches journalism at the University of Maine as an adjunct professor.

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