Classes Cancelled After Tires Were Slashed on Maine School Buses

May 16, 2018

Rob Sawyer puts on tire while Tyler Sawyer watches
Credit Susan Sharon / Maine Public

Bus drivers for RSU 16 School District, arrived at work Wednesday morning only to find their entire fleet of buses inoperable.

The buses had been vandalized overnight, forcing school officials to cancel classes for about 1700 students.

"Well, it appeared around 12:30 last night that we had two individuals come into the school yard and vandalize tires on around 23 buses,” said Craig Worth, the director of operations for the school district. “We have some video of them. Everything's been turned over to the Androscoggin County Sheriffs' Department."

Mechanics spent the day replacing tires and checking the buses for other signs of damage. Worth says the district is still trying to determine how much it will cost to replace the tires for the fleet.

Meanwhile, school officials say they'll ask the state for a waiver so that the lost school day will not need need to be made up at the end of the year. RSU services the Poland, Minot, Mechanic Falls communities.