Family Of Maine Woman Who Vanished 2 Years Ago Offers Reward

Nov 8, 2018

Medford resident Diana Estey has been missing for two years; her family is now offering a reward for information on her disappearance.
Credit Courtesy Maine State Police

The family of 71-year-old Diana Estey, who vanished from a tiny town in Piscataquis County two years ago, are offering a $12,000 reward for information that might help solve the mysterious case.

"There's been an awful lot of work done, and everybody's been great, but the fact is she's still missing," said Estey's brother, Paul Estey, at a news conference Thursday.

Esty remains convinced that his sister somehow met with foul play in their tiny hometown of Medford, population 245, and he said it's shaken the community.

"People from town would be happy to tell you that they dug out guns, tried to find bullets, and have been nervous - anybody would be," he said. "It's such a small place."

Diana Estey was last seen on October 31, 2016. A friend reported finding her home unlocked with lights and TV on, purse and car keys on the table - but no sign of Estey.

Multiple searches, using dogs and dive teams, have yielded no traces.

Maine State Police Police Lieutenant Darryl Perry told reporters Thursday that investigators have had no leads for 'some time' and hope the reward will inspire someone to come forward. 

While police decline to speculate on what happened, Perry says there's significant doubt that Estey is still alive.