Flooding Continues in Northern Maine, Displaces Families

May 4, 2018

Flooding persists in Northern Maine, where a cold, snowy spring followed by a rapid melt and rain means higher-than-normal water levels.

In Fort Kent, the Fish River in Aroostook County was at active flood stage-12 feet Thursday and Friday, with waters expected to recede a little by Friday evening.

However, Rich Norton with the National Weather Service in Caribou says the river is expected to rise again by Saturday evening.

"We're having another round of precipitation, we're looking for around an inch. And expecting flood stage to go back up,” Norton says.

Some areas are impassable, such as T-road into Pelletier Island. Many residents who live along the entire chain of five lakes that feed into the Fish River are also having issues with flooding.

"We're getting reports of camps and some homes being flooded,” he says. “Mostly basements, but there were some reports of up into the first floor."

Aroostook Emergency Management director, Darren Woods, says some have had to seek shelter.

"I think there's a half a dozen families right now that are being cared for by the Red Cross that had to leave and didn't have a place to go," he says. "Some others have decided to leave and go and stay with a relative for a day or two."