Invasive Milfoil Found In Winthrop Lake

Aug 7, 2018

State environmental officials say they have confirmed the presence of Eurasian watermilfoil in the north end of Cobbosseecontee Lake in Winthrop.

The aggressive aquatic plant is found throughout the U.S., but right now is known to be in only one other water body in Maine, a 28-acre pond in Scarborough.

Maine Department of Environmental Protection biologist John McPhedran says the milfoil was discovered in July by plant surveyors from a local group. He says the aquatic invasive grows very densely at the expense of native plants.

“And can impact our use of the pond and lakes by animals and other organisms in the ponds and lakes and potentially affect property values of our lakes and ponds,” he says.

McPhedran says the milfoil most likely was brought to Cobbosseecontee Lake on a boat from another area. DEP officials say they’re optimistic the early discovery and rapid response will reduce the risk of the milfoil from spreading.