Mother Charged With 10-Year-Old's Murder is Pregnant

Mar 1, 2018

Sharon Carrillo, a woman charged with the death of her 10-year-old daughter is seven months pregnant. Carrillo also has two other young children who are already in state custody.

The attorney representing Sharon Carrillo's husband, Julio Carrillo, says that his client confirmed that Sharon is seven months pregnant.

It's unclear who will take custody when the baby is born. In Waldo County Superior Court Wednesday, a judge granted the state's request that the Carrillos be barred from contact with children under age 15.

Ten-year-old Marissa Kennedy, the daughter of Sharon and stepdaughter of Julio, was found dead in their Stockton Springs condo last Sunday. A state medical examiner determined the girl died from battered child syndrome.

Though both Carrillo's admitted to beating the girl, Sharon Carrillo's attorney, Chris MacLean, says his client was also likely the victim of abuse. The couple is each being held on $500,000 bond.