Officials Tour Hampden Biofuel Facility

Jun 11, 2018

Representatives from city and town governments that are part of the 115-member Municipal Review Committee got a chance Monday afternoon to tour the new $70 million Fiberight biofuel recycling center in Hampden.

Although the facility is still under construction and is expected to begin receiving solid waste shipments early next year, Fiberight CEO Craig Stuart-Paul says nearly all of the plant’s key components should be in place within the next 90 days.

“Essentially, all the sequential parts are working,” he says. “We don’t have any road blocks on the equipment, it’s being delivered as it should. The concrete’s going in as it should. We’re putting all the lighting in now. So all the things that need to be in the roof before people working underneath are going into the roof.”

Stuart-Paul says Fiberight is also exploring the possibility of developing a regional glass processing facility on the grounds of the new complex. He says Maine currently sends its recycled glass to Connecticut for processing.