What to Expect in LePage’s State of the State Address

Feb 6, 2017

Gov. Paul LePage is likely to highlight some of the key elements of his two-year budget plan in his annual State of the State address Tuesday night.

Republican legislative leaders say they share LePage’s fear that income tax rates for wealthier households will be raised too high under the citizen initiative that creates a fund for public schools. Democrats, meanwhile, say they’d like to hear more from the governor about solving the state’s drug and poverty problems.

Jennifer Rooks spoke with Democratic House Speaker Sara Gideon and GOP Senate President Mike Thibodeau about some of top issues on the table this week, including a controversial debate that may have been settled just last night.

LePage will deliver his State of the State Address at 7 p.m. Tuesday. It will be broadcast live on Maine Public Radio, Television, and at mainepublic.org.