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The Song of the Broad Axe

Broad axe throwing

Maine Public TV Air Times:
Thur., April 1 at 10:30 pm
Sat., April 3 at 2:30 pm

The poetic documentary film, The Song of the Broad Axe, uses an iconic object to explore the lives of people who have chosen to live a more purposeful life — one that involves using an axe on a daily basis. The film consists of a series of vignettes structured around the theme of building a life for yourself, through the lines of Walt Whitman’s 1856 poem Song of the Broad Axe. Each vignette explores how people use this tool to create purpose in their life, despite the availability of faster, more efficient ways of doing things. This film gives a glimpse into the lives of competitive axe throwers, woodsmen team coaches, axe historians, axe makers, and home builders. Ultimately The Song of the Broad Axe is a film about finding yur place in the world and the tools you use to do it.

For more viewing options and information about the production visit the The Song of the Broad Axe website.

Produced by Erin Murphy and Nina Schmir of North of the Bridge Productions.