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New Website Wants Mainers To Pledge To Stay Home

Mainers who are observing "social distancing" now have a way to go public with their efforts, and to encourage others to join them.

A new website, Pledge to Protect ME, went live last week. Dr. Elizabeth Cote says it was created by a group from Maine's tech community that joined together in a "virtual hackathon."

"You enter your name and your email and that's all that's required, and then you take the pledge. There's a code of conduct so you understand what it means to stay at home and then you take the pledge and hopefully share it through your social networks," she says. "Hopefully this pledge, this code of conduct will spread virally, rather than the coronavirus spreading virally."

Cote says the website will become home to a growing number of sources of information that Mainers can tap into about COVID-19 and the efforts to blunt its impact.