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Welcome to the In Tune Pick of the Week.Each week Sara highlights a band, a song, or an artist that she has recently discovered and adores or an older piece of music that she has fallen in love with all over again. Peruse her Picks of the Week below, give them a listen, and share them with your own group of friends. Enjoy!Return to the In Tune homepage

Jennah Barry – "Holiday"

Jennah Barry's album cover art for Holiday

Sometimes I put a CD in the player, an artist I don't know, and I fall in love within a few moments. This happened with Jennah Barry. She's from Nova Scotia and her new CD "Holiday" is an escape to a beautiful and intimate place that is familiar, but also timeless and unique. Her voice is so lovely, it's a delight. And the songs, dreamy and lush, could have come from Joni Mitchell's Laurel Canyon as well as the one Jenny Lewis inhabits now.

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