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Maine Lawmakers Seek Way Past School Funding Roadblock

Mal Leary
Maine Public/file
Members of the group "Fund Our Damn Schools" speaks out at the State House on May 31, 2017.

Members of the Maine Legislature's budget writing Appropriations Committee met with legislative leaders behind closed doors for most of the weekend, trying to negotiate a compromise on the state budget.

From the beginning, the issue tying up the process is school funding:  how much in school aid, how that school aid is used and how the additional school funding will be paid for.  

The four partisan caucuses in the legislature have different positions on all three.  The four caucuses have floated different ideas but none so far have led to a compromise that will get the two-thirds vote necessary in both the House and Senate for the budget to take effect before the current budget runs out June 30.

The weekend of talks among legislative leaders and budget writers produced no agreement on a new state budget.   But, as Mal Leary told Irwin Gratz on Maine Public Radio’s “Morning Edition,” the areas of disagreement are narrow.






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