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Wells High School To Review Native American Logo After Racism Complaint

The mother of a Micmac Indian football player from Lisbon High School says she will appeal the findings of the Wells-Ogunquit School Board after it concluded that no intentional acts of racism toward Native Americans took place during last week’s football game.

Amelia Tuplin says her family was subjected to taunts and whoops by players and fans as they were leaving the field of the Wells Warriors.

“At this point, I will sit on it for a few days, and if I do not get a response, then I have legal representation that’s contacted me,” she says. “I also am looking into filing a complaint with the State of Maine Human Rights Commission.”

Wells-Ogunquit CSD Superintendent James Daley says he is willing to meet with Tuplin to discuss the matter further. Meanwhile, board members have signaled an interest in reviewing its team name and American Indian mascot.

Tuplin says she’s not buying the district’s explanation that the acts are a time-honored tradition for the Wells Warriors.

“What I’ve done right now is brought a serious issue to light,” she says. “There’s still the question that hasn’t been answered in regards to why my son and my three smaller children were being mocked leaving the field walking to the high school — if anything, that should have been the first thing that was addressed.”

Several Maine high schools have abandoned team names that incorporate Native American themes, but other schools continue the practice.