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Maine Mayor Protests State by not Signing Budget

WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) _ The mayor of Waterville, Maine, will not sign the city's $37.2 million municipal and school budget for the coming year in protest of reduced revenue sharing from state government.
    Karen Heck told the Morning Sentinel that the state's ``constant shifting of the state's financial responsibilities to the towns and cities'' is irresponsible. Heck is a longtime critic of the state for cutting revenue sharing to cities and towns.
    The City Council took two final votes on the budget on June 3. The $37.2 million budget does not increase Waterville's $27.40 tax rate. The budget still takes effect without her signature.
    City Manager Michael Roy told the Sentinel he agreed with Heck's refusal to sign. Council Chairman Fred Stubbert, who voted against the budget, said he would have signed it.