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Opponents of Lewiston Referendum Seek Apology

Susan Sharon

LEWISTON, Maine - Members of the Lewiston City Council and victims of last year's fires are calling on the Lewiston Landlord Association to apologize for misuse of the city seal and for misleading the public in its campaign to repeal a local housing project to be built by local developer Phyllis St. Laurent.

A series of advertisements from the group implied that the city opposes the project, when, in fact, the council originally approved it by a vote of 4-3. At a news conference and rally Jim Lysen of Lewiston says voters deserve better.

"Phyllis St. Laurent deserves better than that. Lewiston tenants who live in substandard housing deserve better than that," Lysen says. "Please reject this referendum and vote No on One!"

Calls to the Landlord Association were not returned by airtime.