Ana Egge - "It Is The Kiss"

Aug 23, 2019

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 8.23.19
It Is The Kiss

"Summer is so intense, so much energy, people, places to go, things to do! It's nice to put on a record and just chill out. Relax and let the music flow over you like cool air. Ana Egge's new album, "It Is The Kiss", is a great record for calming down. Listen to it on the porch or while you're making dinner. She has one of the loveliest voices, it's pure and deep, and really luscious. And her songwriting skills are top-notch. Lucinda Williams called her a folk Nina Simone. This is a beautiful collection of songs, I'll be reaching for it over and over. And right now, in the heat of summer, a little coolness feels good." — Sara

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