Bangor Police Say Cookies That Made Day Care Staff Feel High Were Drug-Free

Apr 2, 2018

A test of several cookies removed more than a month ago from a Bangor day care facility after staff there complained of intoxicating effects has failed to reveal the presence of any controlled substances.

Bangor police said Monday they have no idea what it was that prompted several staff members at the Watch Me Shine Day Care Center to complain of feeling disoriented after eating some Valentine’s Day cookies that were dropped off by a parent.

According to Sgt. Wade Betters of the Bangor Police Department, on Valentine’s Day, some staff members at the facility reported feeling symptoms of intoxication after eating the homemade cookies. Betters said his department sent several of the cookies to the state crime lab for analysis and after thorough testing, none of the cookies tested positive for controlled substances.

Police say that whatever caused some members of the staff to experience intoxication symptoms on Valentine’s Day remains unknown and that there are no charges pending in connection with the incident.