Colin Woodard: New Book Explores Historic of Our Nation's Identity & Its Repercussions

Jun 15, 2020


We talk with author and journalist Colin Woodard about his new book, "Union: The Struggle to Forge the Story of United States Nationhood." "Union" is a historical study of how a myth of national unity was created and fought over in the 19th century. This included the idea that the United States' national identity was an Anglo-Saxon one, which laid the foundation for the white nationalist movement we see today.

Colin Woodard is a New York Times best-selling writer-historian and journalist. A longtime foreign correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor and The San Francisco Chronicle, he is a reporter at the Portland Press Herald, where he received a 2012 George Polk Award and was a finalist a 2016 Pulitzer Prize. He is the author of "American Nations," "American Character," "The Lobster Coast," "The Republic of Pirates," and "Ocean’s End" and lives in Maine.