Duke Levine - "The Fade Out"

Apr 17, 2020

In my radio work I use a lot of instrumentals. A lot. And happily years ago, I stumbled on a guitar player named Duke Levine. The thing I love about him is that he combines extraordinary guitar skills with a gift for melody, rhythm and, I have to say it, with heart. He's quite a well-known session player and the list is long and impressive. Here are just a few of the artists he has worked with: Aimee Mann, Solas, Peter Wolf, Bill Morrissey, Lee Ann Womack and Dick Curless! That's varied. When it's time for a great instrumental you can't do any better than Duke Levine. His most recent album is The Fade Out and that is where you will find the tune that precedes each edition of This Day In Maine, "Sam Brown Hill."

Thank you, Duke!

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