Former Cumberland County Inmate Sues Officer For Using Racial Slur

Feb 16, 2019

A former jail inmate in Maine has filed a lawsuit against a corrections officer saying the officer used a racial slur and disclosed to other inmates that he was a federal informant.

The Portland Press Herald reports the man, identified as S.C., said in the federal civil rights lawsuit filed last week the incident happened while he was held at Cumberland County Jail.

S.C. says he was assaulted by another inmate as a result of the officer’s disclosure.

Cumberland County Chief Deputy Naldo Gagnon has confirmed that corrections officer James Harriman used the slur and revealed the former inmate’s informant status.

Gagnon says Harriman attended training classes on anger management and de-escalation techniques.

Harriman said Wednesday he hasn’t seen the lawsuit and declined to comment.

S.C. is seeking unspecified damages.