How Maine Is Addressing Its Opioid Crisis

Feb 13, 2020

Overdose deaths in Maine from substance use rose in 2019, and 84 percent of those involved opioid use. A recent spate of deaths in Portland are a reminder that opioid use continues to be a pressing crisis. We will hear from Gordon Smith, the state's director of opioid response, about the state’s latest plans to address the opioid crisis, and we’ll talk about what recovery experts and law enforcement believe can help stem the epidemic.


Gordon Smith, state director of opioid response

Alane O’Connor, nurse practitioner, Maine General, focus on addiction medicine and opioid use disorders

Donna Lawlor, DNP, clinical director, Healthcare for the Homeless program, Greater Portland Health

Lisa Letourneau (by phone), senior advisor for delivery system change, Maine Department of Health and Human Services