Maine Strawberry Season Will Likely Be Delayed, But Delicious

Jun 28, 2019

This year's Maine strawberry season is expected to be late and short, but it looks like the flavor and size will be good.

Credit Flickr Creative Commons

David Handley, with UMaine Cooperative Extension, says this year's rainy, cool weather has delayed the season in most of Maine by 10 to fourteen days.

“So in the south we'll see them open this weekend,” says Handley. “I think, as we move further north, you're going to see people starting to open next week, kind of maybe in the middle of the week. And then I think, hopefully if we can finally get some warm weather here, next week-end things should be looking pretty good except in the far northern areas.”

Handley says, if temperatures warm up, the season could only last two and a half to three weeks for most varieties, but longer in northern Maine where temperatures have been a little cooler.

Handley says 90 percent of Maine’s strawberry crop is sold to customers who pick their own.