New UMaine Law School Head Outlines Priorities

Jan 16, 2015

PORTLAND, Maine - A University of Hawaii business law professor has been chosen to lead the University of Maine School of Law.

New University of Maine School of Law head Danielle Conway.
Credit Courtesy: University of Maine School of Law

Danielle Conway is the first African-American to serve as dean of the public law school. She is currently the director of the Hawaii Procurement Institute, an independent think tank devoted to instruction and study of procurement laws.

Conway plans to start her new job in July. She says declining enrollment, student job placement and attracting minorities will be among her top priorities.

"I'm very excited and, as always, ready to roll up the sleeves and get to work," Conway says. "And so I'm looking for stakeholders in Maine to get to work with me and thank them in advance for agreeing to do it."

First year enrollment at the Portland-based law school has declined in recent years, and data from 2012 and 2013 show about 20 percent of graduates were unemployed nine months after graduation.