Poliquin, Textile Plant CEO Applaud Duty on Chinese Textiles

Aug 30, 2016

AUBURN, Maine - Maine 2nd District Rep. Bruce Poliquin and the CEO of a Maine textile company say they've scored a victory against unfair trade agreements. 

At a press conference today at Auburn Manufacturing, CEO Kathie Leonard said her company has lost 30 percent of market share over the last three years and 20 percent of her workforce due to China illegally subsidizing silica textiles. 

But last week, the Department of Commerce announced it's imposing a 162 percent duty on those Chinese textiles.

"We hope to get our market back, and that will be enough," Leonard said. "That means we're on a level playing field.  And I think that's all we need at Auburn Manufacturing.  That's all Maine needs, that's all the U.S. needs, is a level playing field."

Rep. Poliquin applauded the decision, but says it's unfair that Auburn Manufacturing had to expend resources for more than a year fighting against artificially low Chinese imports.