Social Media 101

Mar 24, 2015

Why social media is here to stay and how to make peace with a medium that some find overly intrusive, unruly, sometimes scary, and overall, more trouble than it could possibly be worth.

Guests:  Jon Ippolito, artist, writer, and curator.  Professor of New Media (Associate Professor 2008-14; Assistant Professor 2002-08), Co-Director, Still Water lab, and Director, Digital Curation graduate program, University of Maine.   He is an artist, writer, and curator "Re-collection," and it’s the first academic book on digital preservation, published by MIT last summer.
  Kelsey Goldsmith, award-winning strategist and president of Lovell & Paris, LLC, a small business providing visibility solutions to organizations and individuals throughout northern New England.  She writes a bi-weekly column for the Portland Press Herald and remembers the good old days of AOL instant messenger and My Space.
  Alex Steed,  founding partner of the content firm Knack Factory.  He blogs about politics and culture for the Bangor Daily News.